Move Over Mrs. Markham
February 9-18, 2018
Move Over Mrs. Markham

Written by Ray Cooney

Directed by William Kircher

Synopsis:  To Sylvie it's the "goose" that she learned from Alistair, but to Philip, Joanna Markham's husband, it's "a variety of geese," and fifteen years of marriage is just about undone along with everything else in this wild zany free for all.  Everything’s from Philip's business deals with Bow Wow Books and Alistair's near escape from Joanna's chiding seduction to the naked G.P.O. girl and the specter of scandal is hilarious.  A lot of bed hopping occurs as Sylvie winds up taking Alistair on "walkies" and the amazing Mrs. Markham gets her man her husband!  It all take place in an elegant top floor London flat.

 All tickets:  $14.00   

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
April 13-22, 2018
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Based on the book by Roald Dahl, Dramatized by Richard R. George.

Directed by Stevie Visser and Shane Wachowicz

Produced by Terry Holden

Synopsis:  Who wouldn't want to join Charlie Bucket in his adventurous tour of Will Wonka's world-famous Chocolate Factory?  Now is your chance!  Your audience will see Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, Veruca Salt, Grandpa George, Grandma Georgina, Willy Wonka and Charlie himself come to life, and all involved will discover the true meaning of teamwork, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Tickets:  Adults - $14.00 , Students - $12.00

Avenue Q
June 7-17, 2018
Avenue Q

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez; Book by Jeff Whitty; Based on an original concept by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx

Directed by Stevie Visser and Adam Iaquinto

Produced by #TeamFrunckel


Synopsis:  Recent college graduate, Princeton, equipped only with hope and a Bachelor's Degree in English, is looking for two things:  his life's purposeand an affordable apartment in New York City.  On Avenue Q, he finds a building with a sign advertising "Apartment for Rent."  He soon meets a motley but friendly assortmentof neighbors, including Kate Monster, Brian, Brian's fiancée Christmas Eve and bickering roommates Nicky and Rod.  Princeton rents an apartment and is welcomed to the neighborhood, and the stirrings of romance begin between Princeton and Kate.

All tickets:  $17.00

Poe's Midnight Dreary
Already Ran October 2017
Poe's Midnight Dreary

Written by Richard McElvain, Edgar Allan Poe

Directed by Shane Wachowicz and Julie Tack

Synopsis:  Edgar Allan Poe's life works are hauntingly dramatized in this play.  The story is cleverly told through a series of dramatizations of the master's works:  The Tell-Tale Heart, The Black Cat, The Raven, Annabel Lee, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Premature Burial, and The Poetic Principle.  These stories are threaded together with the events of Poe's life as he deliriously remember them on an anonymous deathbed in a Baltimore hospital.

All tickets $14.00  

The One and Only Santa Claus
Already Ran, Dec 2017
The One and Only Santa Claus

Written by Pat Cook

Directed by Jan Palmer and Dee Smith

Synopsis:  Live in your living room, it's your favorite TV show, "American Profiles"!  When a family is startled to find host Yul Tide litteraly in their living room one Christmas morning, the show begins.  In a series of hilarious and heart-warming sketches, Yul Tide and co-host Chrystal Flakes explore what Santa Claus really represents, introducing us to various people who know and love him.

Tickets:  Adults - $14.00, Students - $9.00