On Broadway in 1953, a chorus member of GYPSY, as the chorus members are affectionately called, had jokingly sent a robe over to a friend who was a gypsy in the chorus of CALL ME MADAM. This friend decided to keep the joke alive by affixing a memento of the show to the robe and sent THE GYPSY ROBE off to another gypsy of yet another show.  As the robes have filled up with show memorabilia, they are retired and a new robe starts out “naked”. Some of these robes have even made their final destination into the Smithsonian Museum.

Our robe started its journey when Sandy Brewer presented it to Betty Steagald at the 2000 Awards Banquet. Since the first presentation was not connected to a show, Betty chose to affix a large red oval patch explaining the robe’s procedure. The criteria for our Gypsy Robe is different from the robe traveling on Broadway. Our robe is for all Clio Cast & Crew mainstage productions, not just musicals; however the show must be part of a regular season.  The recipient can be anyone who has worked on the show and is awarded at the discretion of the presenter.  Recipients then attach a four inch patch of their design that includes their name, title, month and year of the show.  Then it's their turn to select the recipient for the next show!

Adam Iaquinto
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
April 2018
Chris Dinnan
Move Over, Mrs. Markham
Feb 2018
Jeff Springgay
A Fairy Tale Christmas Carol
December 2015
Steve Yerian
Out of the Frying Pan
July 2017
Laura Horton
Stealing Home
May 2013
Dave Turner
BBQing Hamlet
September 2015
Duane Dunckel
The Phantom Tollbooth
March 2016
Denise French
Nicole Dunckel
The Kings of Unionville
March 2017
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"Clio Cast and Crew, Inc. is a volunteer organization comprised of individuals dedicated to providing excellence

in theatrical productions, promoting and providing education in the theatre arts, and

enriching the social and economic environment through community service and involvement.

Accomplishing our mission is achieved through providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members, guests, and patrons of our theatre.

We are genuinely committed to providing equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in all aspects of our productions.

Clio Cast and Crew does not support the use of makeup to convey a race different than the actor’s own race.

Where casting a specific race or gender is required to meet Clio Cast and Crew’s obligation to the intellectual property owners

or when it is required to maintain the integrity of a piece, casting will be determined in a manner to ensure the production is of the highest quality.