History of Clio Cast & Crew

(this history is a record of our milestones, not a complete list of all of our shows, please refer to the show listing for that complete list)


Researched and compiled by Maggie Harmon

SEPT, 1977...Chip Miles asks Clio Community Education director, Richard Negrinelli to include and fund a THEATRE WORKSHOP in the Comm Ed cirriculum so that her daughter Linda can be involved in stagecraft. Chip enlists Evie Zilinski, a recent graduate of Evangel College, with a BA in Speech and Theatre Education, to help. With the additional help of Brenda Clappe, posters go up all over town. 6 adults and a bunch of teenagers show interest. The adults, BETTY STEAGALD, CHUCK KRAUSE, JEFF SPRINGGAY, EVIE ZILINSKI, BRENDA CLAPPE, CHIP MILES, and teen Susan Corbin become known as THE FOUNDERS.

JAN, 1978 The newly formed CLIO PLAYERS present their first production, the childrens' classic, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, funded by Clio Community Ed, directed by Evie Zilinski. This production boasts a cast of 14 and a crew of 16, and is held in the Clio High School Donald Woolson Auditiorium. This begins a twenty-five year association with Clio High School.


APR, 1979 The Clio Players become THE CAST AND CREW OF CLIO, with the presentation of their first drama THE MIRACLE WORKER---a HUGE hit! Directed by Evie Zilinski


NOV, 1979 Receives first State of MI Mini-Grant, during the presentation of BAREFOOT IN THE PARK, directed by Betty Steagald. The Mini-Grant provided funding to pay for the royalties and set construction.


MAR, 1980 First musical, YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN, directed by Nate Jonker, with Jeri Hunjo onboard as Music Director (her first involvement, and she is still with us!!)


MAR, 1981 THE WIZARD OF OZ, biggest musical with a cast of 66, orchestra of 13 and production staff of over 100. Received second Mini-Grant, which helped tremendously with the high royalties and expensive set design/construction. Director Evie Zilinski


JUNE, 1981 CCC presents CONCERTS UNDER THE STARS, a series of free Monday night concerts held on the side of the hill near the big playground in the Clio City Park. This series was CCC's contribution to the City of Clio's Project 80s campaign. CCC told the city "You clean up the park and CCC will see to it that it is filled with people!" This series will lead to the development of the Clio Area Amphitheatre.


MAR, 1982 BRIGADOON...first single performance sell-out, night of a major blizzard!! Director Evie Zilinski


MAR, 1984 CCC is the first community theatre in Michigan to present ANNIE, director Evie Zilinski Over 100 little girls vie for the role of Annie. Between 11/84 and 3/85 Cast and Crew of Clio becomes incorporated, changing name for the third time to CLIO CAST AND CREW.


July 1984 or 85 CCC joins a partnership to host a CASINO at the Annual Clio Area Firemen's Homecoming as a fundraiser.


DEC, 1987 Produces First Christmas show in Crossroads Village as fundraiser---each weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas, 5 separate casts perform a 25 minute play, CHRISTMAS AT CROSSROADS by CCC member Len Price. The performances coincide with the downtime between the running of the Huckleberry Railroad. Directed by Maggie Harmon


DEC, 1988. Second Christmas at Crossroads fundraiser, directed by Billye Thatcher


JULY, 1989 First of 13 yearly summer productions held at the Clio Area Amphitheatre...A revival of THE WIZARD OF OZ, complete with hot air balloon, is directed by Evie Zilinski


NOV, 1990 C.E.Y.T., Clio Electric Youth Theatre is formed. Their first production if TIS THE SEASON, went on to produce 14 shows over 8 seasons.


JULY, 1993 GREASE is performed in the Amphitheatre to all sold out houses. Becomes the most lucrative production for CCC as well as the Amphitheatre in concessions.


APR, 1995 CCC and CEYT compete, bringing WEST SIDE STORY and ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, respectively to the American Association of Community Theatre Festival held at the Bay City Players Theatre. West Side Story places third in the competition.


MAR, 1998 CCC celebrates their 20th year with a musical version of their first production, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, directed by Mark Krontz. As of the end of our 21st season, CCC and CEYT together had produced 69 productions. The final production of the 21st season was THE KING AND I, performed in the Clio Area Amphitheatre. Directed by Rhonda Young History of CCC's next 20 years will be coming here soon-----------

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